Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Play Up, Play Up, and Play the Game!

Managed another coaching session with the cricket Angels last night. It felt great.

We spent the evening in the nets, practising our bowling and taking it in turns to get padded up for a slog with the bat.

EVERYone has really improved, but every now and then, the ball will do strange things when you just want it to go straight down the wicket and hit the stumps. I even managed a wild full toss that nearly broke my team-mate's finger!

We have 16 - yes, 16 fixtures throughout the season, starting in May against experienced teams that will probably whack us all around the pitch - (but only if we manage to bowl a straight ball at them!)

I'll probably have to miss the first one due to the bloody chemo, but should manage most of the dates after that - but only if I get selected!

The hockey will have to take a back seat for now - a bit too boisterous for me at the moment - but I'm looking forward to the sound of leather against willow in a lovely English setting, with the sun warming my face, the dainty cucumber sandwiches....and a decent pint of beer with all my lovely cricket pals after a good slaughtering!

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