Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Forum Boredom

When you don't have to go in to work, the kids are at school, hubby's out and about, you do tend to have a bit of time on your hands.

Some people, with all this time, would have a spotless house. Mine is worse than ever, which confirms that maybe it is me, after all, that makes all the mess.

With my spare time, I have become a computer potato.

I have joined a poultry forum, where people chat about their hens. Its great. I have answers to my many questions now - like, 'How can I stop our hens from wandering off and being found in a neighbours bedroom 200 yards away from our house?' (I didn't have to make that one up)

I have also joined a graphic design forum. I am not a graphic designer, but I'm doing a canny job of pretending to be one.

And recently, I have done what I said I would never, ever, ever, in a million years EVER do.
I have joined a cancer chat forum.

I read a few of the posts. I got scared at a few of them, I got sad at a lot of them and even got a bit of support from a couple of them.

I decided to do a post of my own on there - the 'War of the Worlds' question. I'm really interested to know if I'm the only person in the world who would like a grand piano in the foyer of the new cancer centre, original colourful artwork on the walls of the waiting room, and whether people thought it was a good idea if there was a wood burning stove there too where you could get warm on blazing cancer leaflets and posters that are in plentiful supply on the walls...we'll see.


  1. You know Shents, I came across this post just after I blogged a 'potato' one, too! To be honest I was simply lurking through my fave book choices to see what other mad buggers might read Oor Wullie!

    I don't think there's anything wrong with joining any forum where's there is same understanding. I'll visit again!
    ps.....I REALLY am the messiest in wur hoose!

  2. Hi Lena - Thanks for becoming an honorary follower! Oor Wullie fans are particularly welcome! I'll check out your blog too.