Monday, 1 March 2010

A Bit Flushed

Well this shot of chemo has flattened me a bit this time. But I did have a good laugh when someone suggested that it wasn't the chemo.
'You don't think it was that massage, do you?' they asked.
'Urmmm, I don't think so,' I managed to reply, thinking of the 4 million syringes of cleaning fluid that were flushing through my veins.

Life at school, meanwhile, has improved for the 8 year old, and I was glad to hear that he has learned of a new way to knock a class mate to the ground, without resorting to a pink cricket bat.
Whilst the teacher was out of the classroom, a few of the kids decided to have a competition to see who's face could go the reddest. My 8 year old did pretty well in the heats, and managed to get himself into the final against a little lad who had broken his arm a couple of days ago whilst sliding down the bannister head first.
In the final, the other boy was elected to go first, and was doing a fantastic job of turning a deep shade of crimson, when suddenly, he blacked out and collapsed onto the ground, bashing his head on the threadbare carpet as he landed. Fortunately, he came round almost immedietely - with the sound of cheering classmates and a very sore head.
Gallantly, my 8 year old handed victory to the boy, who was crowned 'King of the Red Faces.'
It's great to see them getting on so well again...I think


  1. Sounds like a chip off the old block. Wasn't that just the sort of prank you would have instigated? Can just picture him now...

  2. Yeh! Can't believe we didn't think of that one!