Friday, 12 March 2010

Mr Trololo's got the X-Factor

The 9 year old had a fabulous night at the X-Factor show yesterday with his pal.

Jedward, Stacey, Ollie and of course 'Awa Joe, mey little stah, Eym so proud of yew McElderry' was there crooning to his home audience.

Personally, I think the fella in the clip should audition for next year's show. He's got some great qualities, but might just need to brush up on his miming skills. If you can bear it, stay with him to the end cause he has one or 2 little x-factor moments throughout his magnificent performance.


  1. I reckon your syrup is better than Mr Trololo's. Must get Jon to translate, he's having Russian lessons....


  2. I'm told (by several of my Russian contacts from the cold war) that the song title translates as "I'm so happy because I'm finally going home."
    Ask Jon what "I'm also very glad you're going home" is in Russian...

  3. I think he'd look better with the blue stripey hat,myself.
    Your slightly straighter hair look made me think of when you used to wear your hat all the way to school, to smooth out the curls.