Monday, 15 March 2010

Blowin in the Wind

Its a very, VERY windy day today.

Question is - do I hold on to my multi-coloured stripey skirt...or do I hold onto my hair?!! I really don't fancy the idea of my hair blowing into the branches of a tree and some little sparrow thinking they have an instant home.

Seriously though - the wig is going down a treat. I took the 6 year old to the local leisure centre on Saturday, and as I stood in the cafe waiting for a pot of tea, the girl behind the counter said - 'OOh you look REALLY nice today.'
I hardly know the girl! Admittedly, I'm always at the centre with the kids, so she'll recognise me, but I was quite taken aback. Her comment may have been triggered by a number of reasons -

1 - Prior to the wig, she may have thought 'Oh God here's that wifey again, she looks an absolute sight with that scraggy heap of curls. I wish she'd do something with her hair.'

2 - Some kind hearted person may have tipped her off - 'See that wifey? She's wearing a wig. Tell her it looks great.'

3 - Or MAYBE, it was none of the above, and my trick hair does actually look good enough for random people to comment!

Whatever the reason - she made me feel great, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart!

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