Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I Am Not Amused

Tomorrow, I shall be accompanying the 9 year old and all his fellow classmates to a large outdoor museum. They are learning all about the Victorians this term, and this museum is fab for bringing the 'olden days' to life.

To add to their experience, of course, the evil teachers have told us that not only do the kids have to go dressed in Victorian costume, but the parent helpers do too. Bloody hell man.

So what are the options?
Well, I could go as Jackie Charlton with a lovely comb-over hairstyle, but he's still alive, and definitely not Victorian.
I could blacken my face, and say my hair had been singed away whilst sweeping chimneys.
Concentration camps were in the 2nd World War, so the stripey blue hat's out.
I do have 2 other wigs, as modelled in the photos - one is my longie-darker wig from the wigshop, the other is the Dolly Parton wig from the bottom of 6 year old's dressing up box.

Any ideas?


  1. Here are 3 hairs styles from Godey's Lady's Book and Magazine, 1867 (sorry but the pictures did not copy to here but I'm sure you can use your imagination)

    1.—Coiffure for a young lady. The hair is slightly waved, and brushed to the back of the head, where it is caught up in short curls, bound in with a very heavy plait of hair.

    2.—The Marguerite headdress for full evening toilette. The long plaits falling under the chin may be of velvet.

    3.—Ball coiffure. The back of the head is covered with short curls, and a row of short curls fall over the forehead. A broad plait of scarlet velvet is twisted round the head and falls over the shoulder

    It's looking like the Dolly Parton wig is needed for all these curls the Victorians liked!

    Seriously though, if you get dressed up the kids will love it and won't worry about what your hair looks like. The longie looks good so wear it with confidence and have a fun day. Hope it goes well. (Can you tell I'm still not back at work and have plenty of time on my hands?)

  2. Dazza - you are a lifesaver - so many styles to choose from there, and all SO possible with the Dolly wig. I certainly SHALL enjoy the day, and I'll include some pics of it in the next post...I'm so glad you're putting your hidden coiffure talents to good use at last!

  3. I'm not sure there's time to tame the Dolly one, is there?
    A hat with a headscarf over the top and tied under your chin seems to be vaguely Victorian. And if it's Beamish you're going to, you'll need the extra warmth.
    Jill x

  4. And a brolly - its absolutely pouring down! I'm thinking it might well be a bad hair day after all! x