Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Angels of the North

I hope the physio wasn't watching last night!

I chucked my rehab equipment (the hoover, the duster and the iron) in the cupboard, and joined a few of my pals for cricket training! 67 days since the operation, and there I was - running, throwing, catching, bowling and slogging the ball. It felt GREAT!

Just before discovering the dreaded lump, a few of us had gone to 6 weeks of cricket coaching with the idea that we could maybe start a ladies village team. We were all pretty rubbish, and in an indoor tournament we got absolutely STUFFED by a team of under 15 county players. It was so terrible, that one of our team cried and rang for her husband to come and collect her!
I really thought that would be the END of our dream - but not so! We are a determined bunch of 40 something year old wifeys, and with enough spirit to fill a vodka bottle we have now secured sponsorship from the local boozer and will be entering a team in the ladies summer league!

It all feels so Julie Walters-ish, and I'm imagining some terrifying encounters with the under 15 county whirlwinds and the big butch lass from a rival team who stares across with disdain at us at training. She's scary - really, really scary! COME ON THE ANGELS!!


  1. However brave you are feeling, DON'T be tempted to make a nude calendar...

  2. Hmm, got me thinking now...how about it Angels?