Thursday, 4 March 2010

Always Read The Small Print

Here's a couple of things they didn't warn me about with chemo

1 - Without hair, it is bloody freezing!
We have had nothing but frosty mornings since my hair fell out, and I am permanently cold without it. I now feel sorry for all the blokes in the world who are bald.

2 - I have a permanently runny nose!
Nobody told me that my nasal hair would fall out too! This has given me a very runny nose - especially with all the frosty mornings! Meanwhile, I still have hairy legs - what the hell is that all about?!

3 - I have developed body dandruff
They told me that my skin might feel a bit dry, but they didn't say I'd be a walking snow shower! Every time I strip off, there is a cloud of skin dust - YUK! I've bought gallons of baby oil which my skin is drinking greedily. What a 'mare!

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