Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Patience, My Dear

I used to really love being off school for the day. I would snuggle up on the settee with my duvet and a couple of Beano comics for company and watch Pebble Mill at One over a bowl of Heinz tomato soup with bits of white bread floating in it. I'd play 100's of games of Patience with a grubby old pack of playing cards. My mum would keep checking on me, and I managed to perfect a croaky little ill voice to say that I was alright, but needed another pillow, or another Blue Riband biscuit.

I was reminded of those days slightly yesterday. They did warn me that I might feel tired at times, and that I should just rest. I've never actually believed them up till now, but despite all my efforts, I had to wave a white flag of defeat yesterday and take to the settee. I had the stove pumping so much heat, that it was threatening to melt the entire house, and the crap on TV was endless. I know everything now about the value of Samurai swords, and I've decided that I like the Oxo lady best on Loose Women. The highlight of the crap TV day though, was 2 episodes of The Brittas Empire - so silly, so mad, but they made me laugh out loud.

Did I achieve anything today? Well, I didn't score any goals, I didn't paint a beautiful picture, I didn't go on a glorious frosty walk, and I didn't even tidy the 6 year old's room. I'm hoping, however, that my little body did achieve something, thanks to the rest I gave it. Patience. Thats what I need to learn - my new, achievable goal!

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