Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hat or Wig...YOU decide!

The blue and white 'specially for baldy chemo people' stripey cotton hat that cost 44, yes - 44 quid has gone in the wash today, (as modelled by the nice lady on the left) and so I am sporting the shorty wig. (Thats me on the right)
Actually, its not as itchy scratchy as I thought, it hasnt blown off in the wind, and no-one has sneaked up behind me and pulled it off - all the things that I thought might happen when I did my shopping at Aldi today.
I expected random people to come up and say 'Is that a wig?' But no-one did, so that's good.

My dad asked me the other day if the blue and white stripey hat was from Auschwitz, so maybe I'll stick to the wig! Whatchathink?


  1. If someone who has known you since you were 11 thought that was you before chemo, but perhaps after a visit to the hairdressers ( bit of the straighteners), then I think you've got your answer. The hat's nice but you look like you in the wig.
    I'm really liking your blog, so hope it helps you as much as me!

  2. Thanks Jill!
    Yeh - I think shorty wig is better. I'll still wear the hat for sporty things, and for opening the oven door - don't want to do a Moyra and melt the bloody thing!
    Glad you like the blog - it keeps me going!

  3. Heh Shents, you look great in the shorty wig though it is a little off putting because the wig looks just like my sister's hair! But it is you underneath, it might cause me bad dreams, will let you know!
    Any other models in your range?

  4. Its slightly better than your bouffant headspring hair don't you think? (Adie's words not mine!)
    Yes, I have a longy wig as well as a shorty wig - so watch out for another modelling session!

  5. Hi Shents

    Think the hat's a bit more Dustin Hoffman in Papillon...The wig's fab. Perhaps that lady who said you looked great really meant it? Can't wait to see the long one. Since it's you with the long hair, not me, I will be able to give the 7 yr old some ideas about what to do with a pack of felt tip pens and get my own back at last! Love the blogspot. Count on me as a regular.

  6. Thanks Karen - oops yes, forgot about the pens! Better watch my back!