Saturday, 10 April 2010

Mr. Blue Sky

I think it's time I posted a bit of a smile on here - there seem to have been a few too many tears and emotions splurged recently - sorry about that - I just can't help it at the moment! I just have to look at my 2 kids and I'm bealing! Flowers from a lovely friend today - bealing....

So anyway, picture the scene...

The 6 year old is sitting in the back of my car looking pretty smashing as she's on her way to a clarty party.

In fact, I don't look too bad myself, thanks to the 6 year old. 'You look like a little old man' she said this morning, as I was blow-drying the 14 hairs on my head, so I decided I should make an effort and get tarted up with mascara and lippy.

'Let's play us a song that'll get us going,' I said, and wound the window right down.

And so, for the 4 mile journey down the hill to the party we sang at the top of our was GREAT!

Enjoy the song - it's a good old oldie and a great one to lift the spirits. The daffodils are in full bloom, the birds are waking me up in the morning, and THE SUN SHONE HOTLY TODAY! Get in the net, and hello at last to Mr. Blue Sky!!!!


  1. I'll just jump in here before anyone else does - and say YES - I AM wondering if my hair will end up like the bloke in ELO's when it grows back! x

  2. Hello Kate here :) (Graeme's daughter) just reading this bought a lump to my throat as me & my mum also love that song! Would have happily joined in haha! & im certain that your hair will sprout back into a large affro :) all the best; hope everything goes well & shall speak to you soon :) xxx

  3. Thanks for that, Kate - and great to hear from you - we'll have to start an ELO choir! I don't mind getting the afro - but I'd rather not have the beard!
    Hopefully see you soon - hope you're all ok x