Monday, 19 April 2010

Be Prepared!

Its the end of the Easter hols....but WHY do I ALWAYS leave the 'getting ready to go back to school' thing, til the very last minute?

If I'd been a girl scout, I would be living by the motto - BE PREPARED!
But I was only an Imp in the Brownies, and so, the night before school...

1 - I discovered that their PE shirts had vanished off the face of the earth. They are bright, sunshine yellow, so I've cleverly replaced them with Brazil football shirts. Hopefully, Mrs B, the head won't notice.
2 - The 9 year old's shoes had fallen apart, but after few clicks with the stapler they were fixed.
3 - The fridge was bare. Not a lot I can do about that, so the 9 year old's packed lunch has a stale hot cross bun, 4 black olives and half a shortbread biscuit in it.

And so, on the eve of school, I did what I do best - I yelled and bawled at blank, not bovvered faces - 'You both need to be prepared! You need to take responsibility for yourselves! I can't do everything for you....'

I finally managed to get them into bed, and I congratulated myself as I laid their uniform out ready for the morning.

At precisely 1:12am, in a state of lovely sleepiness, I am aware of a little body climbing over my baldy head, and snuggling itself in next to me. The 6 year old does this every now and then, and with husband in Scotland for the next few nights, I didn't mind - she was lovely and warm.

When the alarm went off at 7:14am, I opened my eyes to see my gorgeous little sleeping girl curled up next to me. She wasn't wearing her little fairy nightie that I'd packed her off to bed in though - she was fully dressed in all her school uniform - navy tights, grey skirt, yellow shirt and blue sweat shirt - no wonder she'd been so bloody warm...but she was prepared!

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