Sunday, 4 April 2010

Don't Get Shirty With Me!

I was rummaging around in a drawer yesterday looking for something to wear.

I came across one of my favourite short sleeved shirts that I'd bought last summer. I had worn it during a few of my appointments throughout the December of Doom. Every time I wore it, we seemed to get some good news like - 'its only grade 1,' or 'the operation has been successful,' etc.

I pulled it out and thought it must be a lucky shirt.

At that moment, the 6 year old came in.

'Don't wear that shirt!' she screamed, holding one hand up like a policeman stopping the traffic.

'But it's my lucky shirt,' I protested.

'No its not,' she said gravely, 'it's your shouty shirt. Whenever you wear that shirt, you shout.'

'Shout? I never shout! And I've never shouted in this shirt.'

The 6 year old then took great pleasure in reeling off all the occasions that I had shouted whilst wearing the shirt...

'Remember when I couldn't find my school shoes? Remember when we were in the car, and no-one would let you out of the junction? Remember when my brother smashed your favourite cereal bowl...'

'Ok Ok, I'll not wear the shouty shirt!' I said. 'I didn't realise that I shouted so much.'

'Only when you're wearing that shirt,' she said disappearing out of the room, 'just wear the stripy one instead.'

I folded the shouty shirt and put it back in the drawer. It was a lucky shirt, a shouty shirt, and perhaps all along it had really been a stressed out shirt. Whatever kind of shirt it was, it was back in the drawer, and the stripy shirt came out for the day instead!


  1. happy easter hon. trying again to post on here. . . Am I technical enough?

  2. oh yay - there it is!!! there they are.. will bug you rotten now. Was great to see you at No5! xxx

  3. Well done, you little technical wizard, and a Happy Easter to you too, and all those that reside in the Inn! xxxx

  4. Oh God, now I'm the tech-no-hoper! I can't get my own bloomin message on!

  5. ...Oops. I think you just have to wait a while, then it gets updated. By the way, the white chocolate egg was delicious. It was finished by the time I got home!!! xxx

  6. lol....I have a huge wardrobe full of 'shouty' shirts. What a wonderful name!

    Hope you had a nice Easter. I am now off to crack the last hollow egg (been in the fridge 'specially) off my younger son's head. Apparently they taste better that way!

  7. Great tip! - off to put all remaining chocolate eggs in fridge right now!