Thursday, 15 April 2010

3 Cricketeers...and Nana

Am I really that little?!!

My lovely nana, who died back in 1984, was only a few feet tall. She hadn't always been so small, but each year she shrank like Mrs Pepperpot, until she was really teeny.

I think I look like my nana in the photo against the 3 gigantic cricket Angels.

I'll have to stop having so many hot baths - I think they must be making me shrink!

We organised our own little cricket practice this morning, and it was really good fun out in the fresh air. If 4 blokes had organised a little cricket session, there would have been 4 blokes there. But when 4 girly cricketers get together, then you also have 7 kids tagging along....needless to say it ended up as a big game of rounders with a tennis bat. Good slogging, hoying and catching practice though!

I wonder if I should sit in the greenhouse for a while...

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