Friday, 30 April 2010

123 Miles and 20 Sleeps to go

The clip above has got absolutely NOTHING to do with anything - it just made me laugh!

According to the map, I've made it to Inverness. Only 123 miles to go til I reach John O'Groats.

Getting to Inverness wasn't particularly easy, mind you. As soon as I saw the rookie lass coming towards me with the needle trolley, I thought 'Oh God - here we go. Please just make me a cup of tea and get the girl who's been here for 150 years to do it.'

But no, after 3 attempts of shoving the needle in and saying 'oh God is that hurting, oh God I think I've gone right through the vein and oh God I've made a right hash of that,' she finally gave up and got someone else to do it. Meanwhile, all the other patients in the room were shouting over to me - 'Are you playing awkward buggers today?' They do their best to keep your spirits up in there.

They sent my bloods away for inspection to make sure I was fit enough to take the gloop, and I discussed and laughed with hubby about the news in the paper - all about Gordon's Great Gaff and how poor Sue was going to get nacked when he got his hands on her.

Then the massage lady came to get me and I enjoyed another spell in the South of France with lavender oils being massaged into my feet - delightful.

Safely delivered back from Provence - and there was rookie with her trolley full of syringes waiting for me.

Whilst we chatted, and whilst she shoved the crap into my veins, a lady came in on her own and was shown to a seat. It was obviously her first time there, and I just knew she was on the verge of tears. Sure enough, she started to cry, and the nurse pulled the curtains round to give her a bit of privacy and a bit of a comforting chat.

Once I was all done and ready to go, I stopped to see if she was ok. She was fine, and by the end of our chat, I nearly had her signed up to join the Angels Cricket Team....


  1. Been thinking of you. Got to spend an extra week with Jill due to Volcano going off ( no not me losing it) ..... keep going, the marathon is almost over. Lots of

  2. Good to hear from you, Katy - hope you had a great time at Jills. I've asked Jill to come for a bottle of champagne (each) when she's next in the country - care to join us? Volcano willing!

  3. I love the way you compare your progress with the cycle ride you did with Susie when you were just 20 from Lands End to John o Groats. All you had for your 17 nights accommodation was a two woman tent strapped to the back of your bike but despite everything you persevered and made it. You never wanted to see your bike again, but you had to go on to Wick to get the train home. You also collected more than £2000 for your charity. What a feat, What a kid, lots of love xx

  4. You'll not be surprised to hear that the bike's still in the garage and I intend to get it serviced when this is all I can ride to the pub and back xxx

  5. What is it with you and rookie nurses? Maybe it's because they know you'll be kind to them. Hang in there and keep recruiting for the Cricket Angels - I bet she went home feeling a lot better because you spoke to her - well done.