Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air

Tomorrow is the 4th chemo out of 6. Dreading it as usual, but if we're looking at the map of the UK again, I reckon I'll be in Glasgow by tomorrow...almost at John O'Groats.

Its the Easter Hols, and whilst the 6 year old was staging her second attempt to win a medal on a football course, the 9 year old decided he would just stay at home with his mum. Little did he know that I wouldn't be letting him play on the wii all day - I had other plans.

I fancied a walk - a good old fresh air walk in the hills.

The little rucksack came out, and in went a flask of tea, a bottle of juice, 2 packets of cheese and onion crisps and 2 Twirls.

Who would have thought that a 6 mile walk in the hills would be so fab, but it was. We were mobbed by a dozen Shetland ponies, we plodged in the claggy clarts, we listened to the birds, and we scoffed our Twirls for strength before tackling a gigantic steep climb - worth the view at the top.

But the company was the best bit. Putting the world to rights with my 9 year old son was magic, and we both agreed that we'd do it again soon....


  1. Great picture. Makes me homesick.
    Hope today was bearable ( Thursday), must be good to know it's over half way?
    Jill xxx

  2. It was a particularly beautiful day yesterday in EVERY way. Please don't be homesick tho - if I showed you pics of the rain and the wind you'd be glad to be exactly where you are!
    Over halfway is great - next time you're 'home' lets down a bottle of champers each.
    Much love xxxxx

  3. FAB view Lisa. Know what you mean about the company - when you get them on their own they're great company. Solitude and conversation...Just reminded me of what I really do miss about England - space. That way you can get away from it all. Glad you are over the half-way hurdle. Make it 3 bottles will you?