Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Dr Frankenstein

Here's another lovely song - and what a dish Jack Savoretti is - he's half English/half Italian. Hubby and I saw him live once - I think he was supporting Shawn Colvin one night, and he's lovely in real life too. We bought his album, and I got his autograph too. He's just a little lad - but great voice. This is another one of those 'enjoy life and love your family and pals' songs - I'll leave you to decide who your Dr. Frankenstein is!


  1. What a raw talent. The chorus in this song is brilliantly depictive. I'll follow up on what else Jack has to offer. Thanks!

    It always makes me happy to hear that supporting acts get signed. Gives me a bit of faith for my own sons' bands.

  2. Glad you like him - he has a great album.
    What kind of music do your sons' bands play?