Thursday, 22 April 2010

Feeling A Bit Clanky

I should be writing this from a prison cell.

I'm not very good with cars. My last one was a chunky old Volvo which blew up completely because I didn't tell hubby that the engine was making a funny clanking noise. It would have cost thousands to fix, so hubby has stripped it down into 4 million bits and is busy selling them all on ebay.

I had a lush little mini called Albert before that, and unfortunately it blew up too because I didn't tell hubby that it was making a great big clanking noise.

So it was without surprise, that hubby noticed this morning that the tax on my car had expired on 31st March

Oh God - I've been driving around obliviously illegal for 3 weeks!

Without delay, I sprang into action and quickly ransacked the 'everything's in here' drawer to get the documents I needed. I Found the MOT - but it had expired on 1st April!

Please God, let me be insured at least. The certificate wasn't in the drawer so I rummaged around in the 'I'll do that later' pile and found it - but it had expired on 11th November 2009!

Hubby just looked at me with that face which said 'how many times have I told you to file your stuff and write expiry dates in the diary you silly mare.'

If he had opened his mouth to say those words, I would have got my shouty shirt on and yelled something like - 'At least I don't have half a bloody Volvo sitting on the dining room table,' but thankfully no-one said anything at all.

I found another insurance document, and Praise the Lord, it was an up to date one, so all I need is for it to pass its MOT tomorrow and I'm sorted, except that I can't find the form that they send you through the post - in fact I can't remember ever getting it in the first place.

Can anyone hear a clanking noise?


  1. You should move to Canada, there's no MOT or equivalent here!!! There's lots of other rules, though, which is irritating.

  2. I was fined 30 quid a few weeks ago for parking 20 minutes over time - so I'm amazed that some sod hadn't caught me with this one!

  3. lol........! I feel a connection here I'm never organised! And that's why my hubby makes me take the bus.

    Did it pass okay?

  4. May I remind you of the three black bags I picked up from Uni. They were labled 1 useful 2 Crap 3 Useful crap. I rest my case

  5. Now you know why my car was jacked up and only had 3 wheels on this morning! There was a massive gash in one of the tyres where I had bashed into a curb. So it failed its MOT on that! Its fixed now, so its back in the useful bag again - as for the Volvo, its in the useful crap bag....on the dining room table.

  6. Perhaps a bag marked top priority might be a good idea. E

  7. Its passed the MOT, and all the docs are in a folder labelled 'SAAB stuff' in the 'everything's in here' drawer. Will that do?