Sunday, 25 April 2010

12 Happy Years

Its our 12th wedding anniversary today - linen and silk.

Blimey! 12 years!

We asked the 6 year old if she remembered the wedding.

'Course not!' she replied, 'I was just a seed!'

I am really struggling to remember a life when the 9 year old and the 6 year old weren't there. I feel like they've been around for as long as me!

If they had been around 12 years ago today, they would have LOVED it. The beautiful church where I was christened for the service, my pal's husband singing 'The Water of Tyne' as we signed the register, the little hall in the village for the reception (where at the age of 8 I squeaked out 'Hey Jude' on the clarinet with my dad and brother), the gallons of french wine and beer, the jazz provided by my dad and his old musician pals, and the speeches - my GOD, the speeches! Dad's was brilliant, Hubby's was brilliant, Best Man's was......Long. Very, very long. 13 pages of A4 paper later and my uncle George was nearly passing out with boredom, irritation and indigestion.

Thankfully, the speeches came to an end, and after a little while Uncle George had recovered sufficiently to play 'Let There Be Love' on the piano, at our request, for the first dance. It was magic. Sadly Uncle George is no longer here, but I'll never forget the way he played that tune of ours.

In case you're wondering - its NOT uncle George in the clip, - George had snowy white hair and a perfectly trimmed white tash - the fella in the clip is a lad called Nat King Cole - not quite as good as old Geordie, but not bad....


  1. I remember it well, too, only not the date!!
    Sorry, and Happy Anniversary,
    from a hopeless bridesmaid!

  2. A lovely bridesmaid!
    We forgot too until reminded by E!

  3. Happy memeries. We had a bottle of wine with your face on it until recently. Not sure where it went because we certainly didn't drink it!

  4. Maybe the kids drank it? They'd have been very poorly if they had! x

  5. What a fab day that was! Your dad even had Miss Crossfield on the phone! It was memorable. Read your recent blogs hon. I have been in Egypt with Andy and have had a lovely holiday. Hope you have a spectacular trip booked to celebrate the iminent end of chemo...? love Liz xxx

  6. To be honest - any kind of holiday will do - we all need it! Glad you've had a good time with Andy, and hope to see you soon xxxxxxxxxx