Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Great Walls and Wigshops

Well the 6 year old has given the new wig an 8 out of 10. Thank goodness for that! It looks like my 'old' hair, and not a bit like the tangled Dolly Parton wig that is now draped over the back of the kitchen chair.

What she doesnt know is that I have bought another one that is short, pixie-like and a bit like the hair I've got at the minute! I intend to wear this one when she's at school, then plonk the other one on my head for when she comes home.

The wig shop was amazing. I was given first class attention by a girl who had worked there for 22 years. She was only 40 years old, which meant that she'd been there since the age of 18.

One thing with this breast cancer malarky, is that you get to meet some truly fantastic people. I have been lucky enough to do a lot of things in my life - visit the Taj Mahal, sleep on the Great Wall of China, marvel at the Grand Canyon...but up until now, I had never had the experience of the wig shop in our local town. I shall now add it to one of my own wonders of the world.

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