Monday, 22 February 2010

Some You Win Some You Lose

My 8 year old plays football for a team that lose a lot. When they win, the kids savour the moment and dine out on the victory for weeks. I know how they feel.

3 Losses

I'm starting to lose my hair. Big tufts and clumps are coming out. I'm starting to look like Rhianna - sadly not the singer, but our moulting hen.

The 6 year old lost her first tooth. She's growing up.

The fairy took the tooth, and left a quid under the pillow. She dropped the tooth on the tooth-coloured carpet. She can't find the damned thing anywhere. It's lost.

1 Win
The 6 year old did a football course for 3 days in the holidays. She was so brave on the first morning - walking into the changing room full of little boys. I overheard one lad muttering - 'She'll be rubbish,' as she took a seat on the bench. I wanted to grab him and say - 'She's not rubbish, you little squirt - she's my gorgeous little girl who brings me breakfast in bed and keeps me smiling all day long...' But I didn't. I managed to say simply, 'Just you wait and see.'
I watched her for a while at the end of each session. Even the 8 year old was impressed, as he watched his little sister getting stuck in.
The last day was presentation day. She hadn't won anything in the final tournament, but she'd run her socks off, and her knees were caked in clart. She was absolutely knackered.
Prizes were awarded to the winning teams, best players, most improved players etc. Nothing for my brave 6 year old. Suddenly, the coach announced that there was a special prize for a player who had done nothing but smile, run, chase and enjoy. My 6 year old was called to the front and presented with a brand new shiny BIKE! She'll be rubbish-boy's mouth dropped to the floor. I didn't say 'Told ya!!' but I quietly thought it...

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