Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Chemo Shop

Been for the first chemo.

What a wierd experience. There was a young staff nurse there who had the job of putting the hoofchoof into my vein. When you go to the chemo shop for the first time, you want the nurse to say - 'Hi, I'm Vera, I've been doing this for 27 years, youre gonna be fine.' But this young lass said 'Hi, I'm Jo, I've just started here and I'm having a really bad day.' Oh my God!

Needless to say, she had a 'mare trying to get the doofah thing in, and made me bleed everywhere. I did feel sorry for her, cause everyone has to learn in 'real life' situations. But I have to admit, I was glad when she disappeared to make some tea and nurse who knew what she was doing took over and got the doofah in no problem.

Bit of saline solution in first to test it, then in go the anti-sickness drugs, then the chemo drugs - the first one is like the monkey blood sauce you get on ice cream. I told the nurse I could taste raspberry in my mouth at this point and she believed me - just for a minute.

There seemed to be about 157 syringes in total, but they finally came to an end.

An 'alternative therapy' lady came to see me next, and offered me a nice aromatherapy massage or some reflexology for next time, so I booked in - all funded by donations from former patients and their relatives - amazing.

I'm home now - waiting for the kids to boole in and say - 'WHAT'S FOR TEA?!'

Nothing like a bit of normality after a trip to the chemo shop!

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