Friday, 12 February 2010

Bats, Spats and Hats

I managed to venture out yesterday with half a bottle of cover up on my face. I had to collect the kids from school because the 6 year old has to be taken to a swimming lesson, and the 8 year old does athletics.

I really don't like the playground at the BEST of times. I find it intimidating, with huddles of gossiping mothers - all of whom had beautiful skin yesterday!

I managed to find the 6 year old, but couldn't find the 8 year old...until I noticed a commotion going on next to the Friendship Bench. A large group of kids gathered around a little lost soul with tears streaming down his face and a teacher holding a plastic cricket bat.

The little lost soul turned out to be my son, and the cricket bat turned out to be the weapon he'd used to bash one of his classmates.

He'd been teased about his 'pink' bat (which had been red until he'd left it outside for the last few months!) Bashing kids isn't usually something my 8 year old prides himself on and so his teacher has asked me to meet with him soon to see what we can do.

We both left the playground in tears - the 6 year old a little bemused.

We got to the swimming lesson, but my son wasn't up for his athletics. Instead, we had a good cuddle in the cafe, and looked through the lovely collection of hats that my good friend had brought for me.

Its half term next week. We'll watch some films, eat some pizzas, have breakfast in bed and forget all about bats, hats and spats for a while...

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