Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Complaints Department

A few days in from the first chemo, and I really do feel ok - mouth's a bit sore, fingernails feel a bit brittle, I've still got my hair, so I can't really complain. BUT, my FACE has erupted into the most horrendous teenage acne! If I don't look in the mirror, then I'm ok. If I look in the mirror, my morale plunges to rock bottom and I feel like hiding under a duvet, or wearing a ballaclava thingie.
Even my foundation cream which is as thick as cement won't hide it!

But why should this matter? I've been given a golden ticket that says I'll be ok at the end of all this treatment, and I should be grateful and thankful!

I am grateful, I am thankful. But please allow me the luxury of complaining - just today!

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