Saturday, 17 July 2010

Home Grown

I feel like a walking nuclear power station with all this radiotherapy at the moment. But I've only got 2 to go.

I had the most fabulous hour in my little allotment this morning. All those seeds I planted back in March are producing a wonderful harvest. The greenhouse is like a tiny tropical rainforest with gigantic leaves filling every bit of space. Cucumbers, courgettes and tomatoes are growing in abundance, and the garden is overflowing with raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrants, broccoli, cauliflowers, peas, french beans, onions...its wonderful.

Meanwhile, our 5 hens - Rihanna, Henny, Sandy, Fluffy and Duffy are laying eggs like mad - they are very happy hens.

There was something very satisfying about gathering in all the produce this morning. I made a lovely tea out of it (well I thought it was lovely - the 9 year old twisted his face in disgust when he saw so much green on his plate)

The 6 year old and I even made 5 jars of raspberry jam this afternoon. She designed some lovely labels, and we cut out little disks for the jar lids out of a couple of my bandanas! We recycle lots of things in this family - even baldy head-covers!

As I surveyed all these lovely home produce things, I felt a satisfied little ready brek glow all around me....

...I must be radioactive!


  1. great blog - put a smile on my face. I still don't seem to be able to grow anything green. My mustard and cress would not even grow and I killed about 5 indestructable yukka plants at Uni. But I might try again... We have friends with an allottment and I have helped dig a few times. They lovingly refer to me as Margot from the Good Life. Good luck with the last sessions! I will raise a big glass of sparkling water to you when you say the words - Its ovver...Liz x

  2. Yes - I can see you as Margot!
    Can't believe I've turned into Barbara with this little garden of mine - AND home made raspberry jam too!!
    You can raise that glass at lunchtime tomorrow when it'll be ALL OVER! xxx

  3. I love that show.... Radiotherapy can be 28 sessions around my hip region it got a bit sore down there!

    The radioactive glow comment made me smile!

    T x

  4. 15 zaps on a particularly sensitive part of my body too is also starting to make my eyes water. They tell me it works for up to 3 weeks after the last treatment too - so I'll still be glowing in August!