Tuesday, 27 July 2010

And Finally...

I think this will have to be it for the summer everyone.

Keepyerhairon will be 'closing down,' at least for the summer...but I'll be hatching a new blog for the autumn I hope.

Without going all soppy and writing terrible cliches, these last few months have been incredible. I started the blog initially as my own little diary/journal - something to focus on...and I now have over 80 entries and LOADS of fantastic comments from friends, family and even people I've never met.
Knowing that you were all reading this, has kept me going, kept me writing and kept me feeling great.

Its been the worst few months of my life, but I can honestly say that it has also been the BEST. I hope that comes across in the 80 blogs, because I don't think I could begin to explain why in just a few words!

Thank you everyone for supporting me throughout the last few months. It doesn't seem to have mattered that many of you are miles and miles away - it really feels like you've been standing right next to me for the whole darn journey....I'm so grateful to you all.

Have a wonderful summer. I intend to. And I'll let you know when a new blog emerges...with hair!


  1. Can't find the word to answer you, looking forward to early morning chats when you come back to work, all the best & have a great summer

  2. Sad you're stopping but happy about the reason! The girls are always asking," anything funny in Auntie Lisa's blog?". Like Susie, I have loved hearing all your exploits, and felt a bit closer to home and you all.
    Have a great summer, you know you're always welcome to visit . . .lots of love Jill x

  3. Raising my glass back to you and wishing you all the very best xxx

    Also sad you're stopping your blog, especially as I only caught it at the end. It's been fascinating reading and although I'm sad you're stopping it's for a great reason :-)
    Much luv to you, relax and enjoy the summer hols with your fabulous children
    Huge hug, Carole (Dizzie) xxx

  4. Julia - Our early morning chats are the best bit about work for me! By a mile! Get the kettle on...oh and one of your cakes might be nice?!...xxx

    Jill - I am also sad to be stopping the blog. But I think I'm just putting 'holiday leave' in for the moment. A house full of kids isn't great when you want to sit down and compose...and I've still got plenty to say!
    We'll get that visit sorted at some point - it's long overdue!
    Much love to you all & big hug to the girls xxx

    Dizzie - This has been one of the MANY things on my 'what I have LOVED about the last 8 months' list....meeting you and all the others from the forum. It's been like another cushioning layer of friends around me - albeit friends I've never seen or spoken 'out loud' to.
    I truly wish you all the very best, and we can hopefully still keep an eye on each other on the forum! xxx

    Much love to you all

    Shents xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Hay Shents, thanks for the journey, it's been fun, you've now got more hair than me! We had a glass of bubbly in Verwood (it was coke but the thought was there!)to celebrate the end of your treatment.
    Enjoy your summer and hit a few sixes.
    Dazza x

  6. Heh, its alright you guys over there enjoying your summer, but how am I going to cope here in my cold, wet, miserable winter without your blog... what, more champagne?!
    Can't wait to give you a hug Shents when your locks are flowing!
    Suze xxx

  7. Dazza & the gang
    Glad you enjoyed the ride - hair's coming in thick and fast now (well - its about 5mm long now and a charcoal grey colour!)
    No sixes last night, but I hit a few fours!
    We're all loving the Lonely Planet mags by the way. Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

    Fantastic news about your trip this year! I have ordered in snow especially for you all. (If its anything like this winter's dumping, your kids will be overjoyed!)
    Haven't stopped drinking the sparkling stuff since a week past Tuesday - even having it on my cornflakes in the morning. Not sure about flowing locks, but I'm certainly letting my 'hair' down!....letyerhairdown...new title for a blog?

    Much love to all

    Shents xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hey Shents,

    Looking beautiful as always...you know I have a thing for skinheads!

    I have loved your writing and like Dizzie caught it near then end but have loved your writing style... I particularly love your account of when your husband saw you in your car going the other way and called...

    'Hey baldy,' he said cheerfully, 'I'm turning around - let's have a coffee.'

    He sounds like my Fran who is so open and honest about 'stuff' that it lightens the load.

    If you are closing this one for the summer, please keep that advice going on the chat as you are so cool in your advice 'Your country needs you'!

    Much Love

    Tony xxx

  9. Hi Tony

    My husband is a star. I'm very lucky to have had him right beside me through this - steady as a rock. He would always come to the chemo with me even when I said he didn't need to. He'd just sit and read the paper whilst I yacked on to the nurses. No fuss. No drama. I did need him there. He knew that.

    I read the chat on the forum every day, and will do for some time yet - as Carolyn said - 'Once in the Community...' (struggled with that one at first!) Tapping out replies is hard at the moment with the kids off school, but I'll do my best when needed.

    I'm so glad everything is working out for you Tony.

    Much love

    Shents xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Look forward to reading your next input.You are a true star Shents.People enter our lives and then go but some touch our hearts.You are one of those lovely people.
    Rose xxxx