Monday, 5 July 2010

Enjoy the Ride

Sinead Shents

4 down and 11 to go.

I had an early appointment this morning, and for the first time managed to navigate myself to the hospital without the use of the sat nav. The car is learning to find its own way there.

I actually quite like spending this time in the car. I had a good blast of Fleetwood Mac this morning, and sometimes, you see entertaining things out of the window. Today, there was a lady with 2 young dogs waiting at a pedestrian crossing. She was holding one of the dogs in her arms, and the other little dog was on a lead, proudly holding what looked like a tree in its mouth. There's been a good bit of wind recently and a big branch, about 15 times the size of the little dog, must have got blown down - much to its delight. Its tail was wagging like hell... A bit like me when I found the magnum of champagne from my brother in the greenhouse. Far too big for little me...but hey, lets give it a go...

When the green man lit up, the lady set off across the road, but her dog just couldn't balance the branch properly, and refused to move. I could see her trying to rationalise with her little pet. 'Come on, my darlin -just leave the tree.' He would not let go. She was running out of time and was beginning to panic. The beeps were ringing out loudly. She had to act before she was flattened by 100's of impatient commuters.

Struggling to keep the other little dog in her arms, she somehow managed to lift the branch. The determined little dog still wouldn't let go of his prize though, and he ended up hanging from it by his mouth - all across the road.

They made it. She was happy, the dog was ecstatic, and everyone seemed to be having a damned good laugh in their car - me included.

I drove home from the zapping without a hat, scarf or wig on. As I got closer to home, I passed my hubby on his way to a call in his car. He was travelling in the opposite direction, and was past in a flash, but I could see he was grinning. He rang me up.

'Hey baldy,' he said cheerfully, 'I'm turning around - let's have a coffee.'

They warned me that the radiotherapy bit would be tiring and that the travelling would be a pain in the ass - but hey, sometimes you can meet some canny people in your car - today was one of those days.


  1. You look bloody lovely!!! I have my head shaved anyways and when I was a skinhead lad used to love the girls with shaved heads!

    Looking good shents

    Much Love

    Tony xx


  2. Well done fluffy, glad they haven't zapped your sense of humour

  3. Looking good, Adie thinks you look LUSH. Must be because you've got more hair than me! Yours will grow back, there's no hope for mine.

    We've got Anna's transfer day soon, good to know your lad took it in his stride.

    Love Adie & Dazza

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Tony - You're looking very lovely yourself! Can't wait to see the 'after' photo. You're doing really well and a real inspiration to so many people. Your blog is great - love its new look.

    Julia - I have definitely needed the old SOH at times! Hope you liked the doggy story - thought that would be up your street!

    Dazza and Adie - Good luck to Anna, I'm sure she'll be fine - Can't wait to see you all again soon!

    Shents xxx

  5. It seems to be an emotional time for lots of people for different reasons. Do you finish the RT in time for school finishing?
    Girls finished last Tuesday, leaving the school we've been at since we came to Canada. Both got awards at the final assembly, and I was hugely relieved that I'd taken a packet of hankies!!
    Finally moved last of our stuff into the house, and was happy to find my framed picture of Segganwell you painted me. Did they paint the outside??
    You look great, by the way xxx

  6. Yes!!! I'll be finished RT 2 days before they break up! The magnum is waiting!
    EXCELLENT - well done to your lovely girls. It's so nice to have a good cry in assemblies isn't it?! We have our final assembly in a couple of weeks, and I'm worried that I may have a Kramer v's Kramer sobbing out loud in public moment. Remember that?
    Yes, they've painted the outside of the cottages and they look pretty good actually - well spotted!
    Much love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx