Thursday, 28 January 2010

Little Red Book

Had my pre-treatment visit to the hospital.

Felt like a total imposter. There was a lady having her chemo in a nice lounge area. She had bruises all the way up her arm and she was watching 'Doctors' on a big telly.

The lady and her husband were lovely, really chatty, but I felt like saying 'I'm not really supposed to be here you know. I'm not poorly.'

The nice chemo nurse took me into a private room to tell me all about what would be happening in the next few months. She took some blood, temperature, blood pressure etc. and asked a few questions. She reminded me of one of the receptionists at work. Kind, wise, caring. In a way, I wish people would be rude and horrible. When people are kind and nice it makes me want to cry.

I've come away with a little red chemotherapy record book, a car park pass and a wig voucher.
I know they're mine, but only because they have my name on them.

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