Friday, 29 January 2010

Jolly Hockey Sticks!

Bumped into a hockey pal today.

Well, I say hockey - its not REAL hockey - its uni-hoc. A game played in a sports hall with a plastic puck and plastic sticks. I'm not sure if anywhere else in the world takes the game as seriously as we do in our little town, but we have a summer league that is incredibly competitive. 3 boys and 3 girls on each team - all bashing hell out of each other on the pitch, with the objective of getting the little puck into the opponant's goal.

The physio gave me my exercise sheet after my 1st operation. It said the following -

Week 1 - Do nothing
Week 2 - Light Dusting
Week 3 - Ironing
Week 4 - Hoovering

'When can I play hockey?' I asked.

'Next season,' she smiled kindly.

I suppose one of the advantages of getting breast cancer is that your house will become spotless and everyone in the family will wear beautifully pressed clothes.

Maybe the physio wouldn't mind if I set up a couple of hoovers as goalposts and used a feather duster to whack an iron about the house. The house would stay a tip, but it'd be much more fun!

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