Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hard Hats and Wheelbarrows

Went to the very fancy new cancer place yesterday to see Dr. B, the chemo man.

What a mare of a place. Its a lovely new building - open, airy, light etc. But when you're in the waiting room with all those worried faces its bloomin awful. There was a young lad in his 20's who looked like a skeleton. It really hit home to me sitting there.

Anyway - Dr B was a lovely man. He basically said 'the cancer's out, but we want to prevent it from coming back, so I would lean very heavily on you to have radiotherapy.'

He then said: 'there are other treatments which I wouldn't lean quite so heavily on you to have...' and then he started going on about wearing hard hats in the street just in case something fell from a building and hit you on the head and that you'd look an idiot but you'd be pleased if something did hit you on the head unless it was a wheelbarrow...

I stopped him and said - 'I think what you mean is that if I had chemo, it would stop the risk of the cancer coming back even though I might look funny with a bald head.'


'I don't mind looking like a prat if it means the cancer won't come back.'

'Fine. Good. Sign here then.'

So that was it, and he booked me in there and then for a week on Thursday (4th Feb) to begin treatment. It'll be 6 treatments with 3 weeks between each one. (I think he said 6 - I was too busy still trying to work out the hard hats and wheelbarrows story to be listening properly!)

When the chemo finishes, I'll get a month off, then radiotherapy for 3 weeks.
Its highly likely that I'll be a baldy coot for a while, so I'll probably go and get my lovely locks chopped short in the next few days.

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