Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Team Building Trip

By the time I was 9 years old, the only school trip I remember doing was a walk to the bottom of the playing field where the railway line ran. We all stood in a big long line and waited for a train to come. It wasn't just an ordinary train though - this one had the Queen on board...or so the teachers had told us, because even though I stood waving madly, scanning every seat as it flashed past, I still didn't see her, or her crown, or her corgies. The whole trip lasted about 10 minutes, and once we'd waved, we all trooped back to the classroom, a little bemused, to do more sums.

My little 9 year old, on the other hand, has set off today on a 3 day adventure in the Lake District with his class and 4 brave teachers. They will be staying 2 nights in an outdoor pursuit centre, and will be ghyll scrambling, kayaking and taking part in lots of team building activities.

When the parents were summoned to the first meeting about the trip, we were shown a dvd of last year's kids enjoying all these activities. It was wonderful watching these little kids helping each other through tunnels, working together to solve problems, and congratulating one another on achievements.

I must admit, I have serious doubts about our little band of hoodlums. As soon as someone pops their head out of a tunnel, it will be squashed by someone's size 2 wellie. Problems will be solved by a good old scrap, with teamwork consisting of everyone shouting 'fight, fight, fight,' in complete unison. I hope I'm wrong. The teachers seemed both confident and determined this morning that class 4 would surprise everyone - in a positive way!

My own worries aren't with the activities themselves, they are with my son's lack of ability in the domestic department. They will all be expected to make their own beds up, prepare their sarnies for lunch, wash the dishes and sweep the floor. Scrambling up ghylls will be a breeze for my lazy little boy compared to those tasks!

And so, as bags were loaded into the boot of the bus, parents said farewell to their little darlings. Cuddles, hugs, kisses, hair ruffles and...tears. No prizes for guessing which mum cried! (see right) Admittedly, there were a few damp eyes as I looked around. There's going to be some very quiet households for the next few days!

3 days without my little lad, then. Will he survive? More to the point, will I survive?! I wish I could have stowed away on the bus with them...

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