Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Listening to the Birds

Sometimes in life, I think you've just got to say 'ahhh sod it.'

With a couple of weeks to go until our final exams at university, my friend and I decided to say 'ahhh sod it,' and we booked ourselves a last minute cheap holiday to the Algarve to 'revise.' How the hell we paid for it I've got no idea, although we both had jobs - Peta worked in the local off-licence, and I worked a couple of doors away in a veggie restaurant called 'Wild Oats.' Together, we managed to keep our housemates alive on leftovers and cheap plonk. I guess that we must also have made enough dosh to jet off to Portugal!

We packed our rucksacks and waved farewell to our stressed housemates.

'Blimey, Shents - what we doin?' Peta kept saying on the plane.
'We're going to a warm place to revise for our final exams,' I reassured her.

We did manage to do a little bit of revision, but we did get a bit distracted by the sunshine and the pool, and we couldn't say no to the diving competitions with our neighbours (a load of old fellas and wifeys) or the beer....

....and so we returned - fully refreshed, brown as berries - and nowt the wiser for our final exams - but we still passed!

And so, with all that in mind, as I was tending to my little plants in the garden last night, my 2 little pals, the oystercatchers, flew overhead.

'P-weeep, p-weeep! Just get the bloody cottage booked, man!' they called.

I looked at the diary....Chemo, feeling cack week, radiotherapy, doctors appointments, dentists, school fairs, school trips, cricket matches, football matches, birthday parties......but there was one week standing out with lights flashing all around it. There was nowt booked in.

Without trying to get too excited, I checked the availability of the cottage. Unbloodybelievable - it was available. But what if I wasn't ok to get the last chemo? What if feel crap for 2 weeks instead of 1? What if I got an infection or took ill after the last chemo?

'Sod it,' I thought, and booked it. Cinders and her little family WILL go to the cottage after all...I hope!


  1. For God's sake don't lose your slipper on the 132 steps down to your little seaside palace. Now you're talking, fantastic! enjoy yourselves!

  2. hoorah! good to see you back on here shents. I had a lovely break with Andy in Egypt for a week and still managed to print my first work piece and launch a new website. sometimes a trip away works wonders... no - a trip away works wonders! when do you go? Liz xxx

  3. Good for you Shents! Do you remember we even had tour t-shirts made? What did they say something like "Finals - what finals?" - probably still got it somewhere in the attic!!It was in the days that "Chads" were all the rage - remember them? What was medallion man called Brian, Derek? All I remember is half my revision notes getting blown away - probably why you got a 2:1 and I got a 2:2!! (by the way I'm pretty sure I would have said "f**k it" not "Sod it!!!")
    Mach xxx

  4. We're going in the beginning of June - taking the kids out of school which they think is great!

    I think our medallion man was called Derek - I can still see him now with his breakfast beers