Friday, 8 October 2010

Available in 1 Good Book Store

My 'Keep Yer Hair On' book is now for sale! I've set it at the cost price £25.95 which is bloomin expensive, I know, but I've had a few requests from friends and family to make it available and that's how much it costs!

Anyway, if you click on the link, you can have a little preview of it without having to buy it, and if there are any budding bloggers/authors out there wanting to do the same, then you can see that it really is possible.

Here's the link - Preview of the Keepyerhairon book so that you don't have to fork out and buy it!

Everything is, of course, within this very blog, so readers could also just read the blog from start to finish!


  1. This 'ere geezer, your no 1 fan and complete IT nerd, is still looking for a link to put one in his basket and make a purchase. Can someone, i.e. shents, please help this hopeless silver surfer?


    David [X]

  2. OK panic over, doh!

    Order placed (easy when you remember order quantity - and as 1 million was rejected, I opted for 1). If you are not offended shents, when I have read and enjoyed it I may well donate it to the Fountain Center library at St Luke's, Guildford to replace the "Dying Well" book to which I referred in my own blog and which upset me on my first ever visit to the drop-in. Then many more will be able to benefit from its remarkable content.

    The purchase served an extra purpose as I am now also a 'blurb' account holder an as such have access to the same software, so watch out for next year's best seller entitled "You Win Again" by David Edington. (in the shops in time for Christmas 2011, and featuring a chapter on a rugby supporter's experience of the World Cup in New Zealand)

    David [x]

  3. David
    Nothing, absolutely NOTHING would give me more pleasure than to know that my book was sitting on a bookshelf in the Fountain Centre library at St Luke's, Guildford. ESPECIALLY if it was in place of the 'Dying Well' book, and especially if it could make someone smile rather than cry.

    Thank you so much for being the first person in the whole wide world to buy my book. It has made my day!

    Looking forward to the publication of 'You Win Again!' Keep writing!

    Much love and thanks again

    Shents x

  4. Hey Shents, I am the first person to write a comment too...I can't believe I know an actual author!

    I will bring the book with me for a signature when we meet up one day!

    Much love dear friend


  5. Tony
    What a great comment - the book will fly off the shelves now, thank you! I shall have to employ you as one of my marketing team!
    My little lad was horrified when I said that the book was 'on sale.'
    'But mum!' he said, 'You should have changed all the bloody's for bloomin's!'
    Got to admit, there are a few bloody's in there but hey - it was a hell of a bloomin' time!
    Looking forward to the day that I can meet you in 'real life' to sign the book for you.
    How are you doin' anyway, Mr T? Havent heard much about how you are recently - get your blog updated!

    Much love x

  6. I am leaving my blog for a few days as don't want to worry all have enough to worry about!

    Much Love

    T x

  7. Hello, book received in the post...very impressed and not just saying that to make you really does read well.

    Nice one and still like the hey baldy comment on page 122 :-)

    T xx

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  9. My copy arrived in the post earlier, as you may or may not have read on my blog. but to expand on what I said there Lisa, the most significant consequence of it's arrival was seeing Geraldine enjoying reading the stories with smiles and chuckles. Absolutely no other literature, real or virtual, that she has read along her own tortuous path in support of me, has had the same elevating effect on her spirit. For that alone I thank you for a brilliant piece of personal journalism.

    I may well have to buy another copy for The Foutain Center so much more than well spent in order to lift others out of their doldrums when faced with being either a carer or a patient.

    Bless you and keep you safe

    David xxx

  10. Tony - thank you for your kind words - you've made me happy! 'Hey baldy' and I are having a nice lunch out today as I am only working half a day.
    Hope you're bearing up ok - thinking about you and the others all the time

  11. David
    I'm glad the book arrived safe and sound, and I'm so glad it has brought a smile to Geraldine's face. She may be able to relate to some of the feelings that my husband had. I hadn't realised just how much weight was on his shoulders until I started returning to 'normal.' Him and those 2 little granite rock children of mine were just amazing throughout the whole ordeal.

    Thank you so much for your kind words, David - I hope you know that you and the others are in my thoughts every day.

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