Monday, 28 June 2010

England are Dead...LONG LIVE BRAZIL!

The radiotherapy slog starts tomorrow - but so too does the countdown to the 20th July when I can honestly say...'Get in, its all over!'

My appointment is at lunchtime tomorrow at the nasty big hospital in town. I'll be home for 5 minutes, and then back into town to a place right next to the hospital...for an appointment with my cricket team! Yes, we are playing a VERY good team tomorrow evening - it'll be full of young county players, and the ground is like Lords with proper seating etc. I think they manicure their pitch there - I've never seen any clumps of nettles like we have at our place - which is just as well really, as we don't want to lose their ball when we start slogging it for four.

I hope we try a little harder than those overpaid, arrogant, petulant buggers from the England football team.

Before 'the match,' the 9 year old was playing footy for his school in a little fete tournament. They had to play 5 games in the blazing sunshine, and in one game they only had 3 players to start because the rest of the team had got held up in the sweety stall queue. They ran on heroically one minute into the game - mouths stuffed full of bubble gum and toffee chews, and went on to win the match and, the entire tournament.

Maybe that's all Rooney needed at half time - a couple of toffees.

So, at least in our household we had a football hero yesterday. He was very proud of himself and his team, but after watching the 'big boys' on the telly, he ripped down the England flag that was sellotaped to the stair window in disgust, muttering 'bloody Germans, bloody Rooney,' and replaced it with his own little medal.

With regard to the rest of the World Cup, he's in a dilemma now. I have shown him 'youtube' coverage of the Hand of God Maradonna goal - so not only does he now dislike the Germans - he would also hate to see Maradonna's Argentina team win....

...I think he needs to take a leaf out of the 6 year old's book. She is a glory seeker of the first order, and at the start of the world cup, she abandoned all faith in the England nackers, and wedged the flag of Brazil in her window. It has been fluttering there grandly ever since....go on Brazil!


  1. Hey Shents. Thinking of you loads and really glad the July date means the end is in sight for your journey through this treatment. The only problem is - are you going to stop this blog...? I hope not - I have come to rely on it - nay depend on it for my sanity and remembering to appreciate the good things in life. I thought I would never take anything for granted again after my 2005-2006 ordeal but in fact it is terrible how quickly we start to get irritated by the ridiculous small things again! So - thank you for this interlude and lots of laughs and tears and hope you decide to blog your life in remission too! And as for Lizzie and Brazil. Must be the name! I have had a yellow Brazil top at the ready as I just LOVE that colour!!! See you soon I hope and all the best for July stuff. Liz xxx

  2. Gosh, thanks Liz! I guess this particular blog chapter WILL have to come to an end soon. Its also kept ME sane throughout, and its also kept me in touch with all that is important in life...I'll probably revert back to shouty shents soon enough too - but that's human nature isn't it! I'll just listen to Mary Ch-C's song, and the dishy Jack Savoretti song and I'll remember soon enough!
    Can't wait to see you too for a great big hug. Hope you're doing great. Much love xxx

  3. I had been thinking the same as Liz about the blog, for selfish reasons, obviously. Good luck with the radiotherapy. Jill xxx

  4. Hey Jill - hope all well with you. The radio isn't so bad - its the fitting in of all else that is happening around it that is difficult as it takes up such a chunk of the day!
    I'm so glad you've enjoyed the blog. I've loved doing it. This particular blog will have to come to an end soon, but I'm already thinking of what to do next...