Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Cousins Are Here!

3 of my brothers kids have come up for a couple of days to enjoy some Northumbrian sunshine.
The 16 year old went shopping with my mum, so what should I do with the other 4? Hmmm.
I know! Lets go gambling with 2p's, feed our faces with fish and chips, then go to the beach!
This is becoming a regular outing!
Its Freezin!
Chattering teeth!
Lovely smiles
Long Jump Competition


  1. Brilliant pictures...I want to live where you live, it looks so lovely and to have the beach on hand is just a dream for me.

    I'm so glad you're really enjoying this summer break with the children (and now extra children too) Shents xxx

  2. Trouble is - its bloomin cold up here in the winter!
    It really has been a glorious summer weather-wise, and its a wonderful place to live when that's the case - not such a dream when you're snowed in or there's a howling gale!
    I'm hoping to take the kids to London one day next week for a city adventure.